Centering Prayer Group Reactivates

Be still and know that I am God, Psalm 46:10. It’s harder than you think. But no pain, no gain.

The PraXis Centering Prayer Group is back in action after a long slumber. The group will now meet on Zoom (as we all do these days), every Wednesday at 6 pm, Pacific Standard Time. Details on this week’s sit HERE.

Those who practice or who want to learn Centering Prayer, or Christian Meditation
or other forms of contemplative prayer are welcome. This group may expand to cover other topics like fitness and diet as part of our wellness project called PraXis. Contemplation or any form of self-reflective prayer, such as certain Psalms, scripture readings, or practices like Lectio Divina, or the Examen, help deepen our relationship with God, while also helping us to observer our own thoughts and actions in life. In this way, we can feel where we are walking with God, and when and where we have fallen off the path. “Test yourselves to see if you are in the faith; examine yourselves! Or do you not recognize this about yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you.” [2 Corinth. 13:5]

There are no denominational requirements or restrictions with this group. Open and welcoming. Practitioners are encouraged to attend church and have the support of their pastor, priest or spiritual director.

Prayer will last approximately 20 minutes. There will be a short orientation at the beginning. Then there will be time for a short discussion afterwards.

Go to this link for a PDF download on the basics of Centering Prayer.

Partner with the PraXis wellness experiment

The average person need 20-40 minutes of daily exercise to reduce their rate of heart disease. Exercise makes us more resilient to anxiety, depression and other emotional and mental disorders

PraXis is a theological field education project produced in cooperation with the Vancouver School of Theology at the University of British Columbia, BC, Canada.

We seek sponsoring parishes and parachurch organizations who wish to explore the idea of incorporating evidence-base wellness and Christian spiritual practices. We are not necessarily trying to “teach” anything in particular. PraXis is a conversation about approaching spiritual practice and our bodily health in an integrated way. Partners often just get inspired by the ideas and then chose to go in a direction that best embodies the Spirit for their community.

Some possibilities:

An online contemplation class

An online fitness class

A lecture on diet, mindfulness and exercise

Host weekly online “mealtimes” where members can discuss and share their own “praxis” with the group and get support

Promote the program to their community via email list and church outreach

Or collaborate and design a program that works for the needs of your community

Contact us.