PraXis Mindfulness Session: Lectio Divina, and Waiting on the Spirit, 12/9/20, 6 pm PST

This week we will continue our exploration into Christian Mindfulness by adding Lectio Divina to our contemplative prayer session this Wednesday, 12/9/20.


Lectio Divina is a method of reading Scripture as reading, meditation, prayer, and contemplation. It is a natural bridge between traditional scripture reading and supplicant prayer to the more challenging noetic or mental prayer of practices like Centering and/or Ceaseless Prayer.

With Advent in mind, Cornelius will lead off with a short exploration of the intersection of Abiding, or waiting on the Lord the Spirit, and abiding in the stillness in our contemplative prayer.

This will be followed by a 5 minute Lectio Divina on a passage from Scripture, and then silent prayer.


Here’s what to expect:

Opening: Wait on the Lord: 5 minutes
Lectio Divina:5 minutes
Silence: 20 minutes
Prayer of Thanksgiving

Lectio Divina Instructions

The Bible passage will be read four times. We will pause between each reading as you reflect on the Word. You may speak up, if the reader calls for it, or you may respond silently in your heart as you are prompted.

  1. Listen with full attention to the Bible passage and notice what word or phrase stands out to you. Repeat that word or phrase over and over within, allowing it to settle deeply in your heart.
  2. Reflect and relish the words with an attitude of quiet receptiveness. Allow the Word to come alive within you and be attentive to any thought or reflection about it that arises and is meaningful to you. Where does the content of this reading touch your life today?
  3. Respond spontaneously as you continue to listen to a word, phrase, or sentence. Silently offer any prayer of praise, thanksgiving, or petition that may arise, then return to repeating the word in your heart.
  4. Rest in the Word, allowing God to speak in the silence of your heart. Simply be with God’s presence as you open yourself to a deeper hearing of the Word of God.

We hope to see you there. Please sign on five minutes early if you are new to mindfulness and contemplative prayer. We also suggest you read the following.

Published by Cornelius Swart

Master in Public and Pastoral Leadership Fitness and Wellness Coach in Training 200 RYT Yoga Instructor (former journalist)

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