Breathwork techniques for stress reduction: PraXis class

But it is the spirit in a person, the breath of the Almighty, that gives them understanding.–Job 32:8 This Wednesday our winter/spring series continues with 40 minutes of power yoga focused on the solar plexus followed by a series of breathwork exercises. These breathing exercises, especially when practiced after movement, help to reduce stress and improveContinue reading “Breathwork techniques for stress reduction: PraXis class”

PraXis Wellness Classes Return February 15

“Christ will exalt in my body” Phil. 1:20 PraXis movement, mindfulness and prayer sessions return to Brookside Community Church starting Feb 15.  PraXis provides mind, body, spirit coaching at the intersection of evidence-based wellness and Christian spiritual practice. For over a year, Cornelius Swart and Jamie DeRuyter have led the  PraXis movement and mindfulness class atContinue reading “PraXis Wellness Classes Return February 15”