Who Are We?

Our Mission
To heal the epidemic of anxiety, depression, and heart disease with the love of God, and through instructing, supporting, and inspiring others to habitualize wellness practices into their daily life of prayer.

PraXis is an initiative, meaning that we have yet to achieve our goal of forming a nonprofit ministry. It currently operates as a DBA, “doing business as” under a sole membership LLC registered in Oregon. We do not charge for classes, coaching, or pastoral listening. 

Cornelius Swart is a former journalist and recently completed his Master’s in the
Public and Pastoral Leadership at the Vancouver School of Theology, at the University of British Columbia. Swart is a 200 RYT certified yoga instructor and has almost two decades of experience in mindfulness, meditation and contemplative prayer.

Jamie DeRuyter, is a therapist on BetterHelp.com and has been a capoeira , and fitness instructor with over 15 years of experience.

The two moved with their friend, Gigio Doggo, from Oregon to New Jersey last year.

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Email us at info4praxiswellness@gmail.com

Frog Hill

Frog Hill is a 3-acre, retreat-like private residence in historic Washington Valley, just outside downtown Morristown NJ. Nestled among thousands of acres of protected land, the area is about one hour by car or train from Midtown Manhattan. The residence provides a number of indoor and outdoor spaces to hold sessions for PraXis.

Gigio Doggo, is a nondenominational mascot and very good boy. He is usually wet and will steal your socks if you leave them out.

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