PraXis Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is this biblical?

  • Fasting is found throughout the Old and New Testament [Psalm 69:10-11, Daniel 1:8, Isaiah 58:6,  Mark 9:29, 1 Corin. 7:5, etc].
  • Contemplation, or silent prayer is a tradition from the Desert Fathers that seeks to emulate Jesus’ times of prayer in the silence of the desert [Mark 1:12-13, Luke 5:16, etc].
  • The idea of Christian life as one of physical and spiritual challenge or striving was foundational for church elders and ascetics such as Basil the Great and Gregory of Nyssa. We see it in Paul’s athletic metaphors in passages like 1 Corin. 9:24-27. The greek word for training, askesis, is where we get the word athlete and ascetic from.

Is attending PraXis like going to church?

PraXis is not a church, nor is it a substitute for church. It is, however, a judgement free zone where you can sharing a sacred space (within your heart) with others. We encourage everyone to find a church community that can support you and your own spiritual practices.

What if I feel pain while practicing yoga/ Pilates/HITT?

  • You should not feel pain during physical exercise.  If you feel pain, back off, take a break, or practice the regressed options of the exercise.
  • Be aware of all your physical injuries or challenges and honor them. If you have specific concerns (knee injury, lower back paint, etc) make sure you reach out to us and let us know.
  • When in doubt, skip the exercise

I have health issues and I’m nervous about changing my diet or exercise.  What do you recommend?

  • If concerned, talk to your physician about any changes you’re planning on making.  PraXis should not substitute any doctor’s advice, physical, or mental health therapy.
  • If you ever feel light headed, delirious, or feel as if you might faint, back off the diet challenge.
  • Remember this is a challenge, not the Gospel. Do what you can to push yourself a little, but don’t take an “all or nothing” approach. Be merciful and careful with yourself.

Ιs contemplation impossible for me?

  • Contemplation and mindfulness can be a challenge at first, but the good news is that there is no way to fail. There is only trying and then trying again. We all have busy minds full of thoughts. Sitting in silence gets easier with practice. 
  • There are many ways to ease into it. Try repeating a short prayer or a sacred word over and over again, first muttered under your breath. Then, over time, you can say it silently to yourself. Over time, you can begin to slow down and pause between repetitions. Then lengthen the pause. You can also try opening yours eyes very slightly with a softening your focus. This might also help you concentrate.
  • Here’s a helpful video

How should I prepare?

  • Read the email sent out the Sunday before each PraXis session
  • Good sleep the night before
  • Hydrate before PraXis and keep water close during practice
  • Stay open to the experience and whatever may arise for you 
  • Have a quiet space 
  • Have a working laptop, or mobile device, good lighting and strong internet connection
  • Place any windows behind your laptop or mobile device
  • Minimize distractions from cell phones, visitors, pets, or children
  • Have a yoga mat handy or carpet for a soft place to practice yoga/ Pilates
  • Wear loose fitting clothes
  • Have a comfortable place to sit for contemplation or lay down on your mat if you prefer
  • Have a blanket near if it helps to have around your shoulders during contemplation 
  • Have food prepared to eat afterward
  • Try to ‘PraXis’ throughout the week until you attend your next PraXis session

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