PODcast: The Church is Getting Wellness all Wrong

It’s an incarnated religion about an incarnated God. But there is much the Church offers for YOUR body.

Our three regular guests, Pastor Andru Morgan of Parkrose United Methodist, Pastor Phil Vestal of RuahSpace and Pastor Aaron Miller of University Hill Congregation discuss how the Church is getting the body wrong. The human body that is.

What is the Church missing out on when it abdicates the wellness space to secularism and the New Age? What are the social justice implication of “fitness?” How do you treat the F word (fat), in world where there is so much judgement and shame associated with weight-gain? The pastors dive into all these topics and more.

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EP 8: Demons in your head, Christian Mindfulness, and Prayer with psychologist Irene Kraegel PraXis: Christian Wellness

Irene Kraegel is a clinical psychologist and Christian mindfulness instructor. She is the author of the book, Christian Mindfulness: Cultivating a life of intentionality, openness and faith. In her book, she states, “As we live through a season of pandemic illness, racial injustice, and national unrest- if there was ever a time that we need clear-eyed awareness, self-care tools, and effective action, this is it.” She defines Christian Mindfulness as the practice of: Drawing us closer to God Calming out uncomfortable emotions Strengthening us through the challenges of this season On this episode of the PraXis podcast, I sit down with Irene and we get into the weeds about how mindfulness works as well as: How it is similar to Christian contemplation practices like Centering Prayer? What are the specific clinical benefits of mindful practices? What the challenges for Christians who attempt these practices? And what about demons? We explore all this and more in this in depth interview. JOIN THE PRAXIS GROUP VIA ZOOM, EACH WEDS. 6 PM, PST For more about Irene’s classes, speaking engagements and writings go to TheMindfulChristian. Her book The Mindful Christian is available on Amazon. PraXis explores the intersection of evidence-based wellness and Christian spiritual practice. Podcasts are recorded during our weekly Zoom session. Join us LIVE every Wed. 6 pm, PST More at PraXis Wellness 
  1. EP 8: Demons in your head, Christian Mindfulness, and Prayer with psychologist Irene Kraegel
  2. EP 7: Faith Journey from Astronomy to Chair Yoga
  3. EP 6: How the Church is Ignoring your Body
  4. EP 5.8: Introduction to Centering Prayer, 5 minutes of silence, with Father Nicholas Amato
  5. EP 5.5: 20-minute introduction to Centering Prayer: Father Nicholas Amato

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