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Did you know Christians were eating vegan food way before tofurkey?

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Intros and Orientations

Get acquainted with PraXis and its basic ideas, theologies, terms, and telios (fancy Greek speak for goals).

Christian Diet

Christian diet is known as fasting, and it means much more than just not eating. Go here for recipes, tips, ideas, and the theology and history of this ancient (and healthy) Church tradition.

PraXis Wellness Challenge

This 8-week Challenge combines everything we talk about on the site an puts it into practice…we mean praxis.

Exercise and Fitness

Here are recommended exercises and tips for physical training, and why we do it as part of a spiritual practice.

Christian Mindfulness

It’s a trendy thing that Christians have been doing for almost 2,000 years. Here we’ll will explore step-by-step methods for practicing nepsis (schmancy Greek word watchfulness) and pray in a way that helps one decompress, destress, and know God.

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