Breathwork techniques for stress reduction: PraXis class

But it is the spirit in a person, the breath of the Almighty, that gives them understanding.–Job 32:8 This Wednesday our winter/spring series continues with 40 minutes of power yoga focused on the solar plexus followed by a series of breathwork exercises. These breathing exercises, especially when practiced after movement, help to reduce stress and improveContinue reading “Breathwork techniques for stress reduction: PraXis class”

PraXis Session, Brookside Church 2.15.23: The Way of Wisdom

Peace Be With You!We are delighted that a new season of PraXis will open this week right at the doorstep of Great Lent. This year we part of the Integrated Spirituality program at Brookside Community Church. So, if you are new to PraXis, please come at 6:30 pm for an orientation. This week we willContinue reading “PraXis Session, Brookside Church 2.15.23: The Way of Wisdom”

PraXis Wellness Classes Return February 15

“Christ will exalt in my body” Phil. 1:20 PraXis movement, mindfulness and prayer sessions return to Brookside Community Church starting Feb 15.  PraXis provides mind, body, spirit coaching at the intersection of evidence-based wellness and Christian spiritual practice. For over a year, Cornelius Swart and Jamie DeRuyter have led the  PraXis movement and mindfulness class atContinue reading “PraXis Wellness Classes Return February 15”

VIDEO: Orientation to a PraXis Session

Here is a 2-minute guide on what to expect at a PraXis movement, mindfulness and prayer session. This short video takes you through all the elements of a 1-hour session. This month we started another cycle of FREE PraXis sessions at Brookside Community Church. Best to take advantage of this free class now as mightContinue reading “VIDEO: Orientation to a PraXis Session”

“A life of practice, not just right ideas,” PODcast Interview with Cornelius

This is a new podcast interview with about PraXis: Christian Wellness, spiritual athletes, the oneness of the body/soul, health as a process, and prayer as mental silence. Big thanks to Moses Rhys Pasimio for approaching us and asking Cornelius to participate in his series on mental health, addiction recovery and ancient Christian spirituality. This isContinue reading ““A life of practice, not just right ideas,” PODcast Interview with Cornelius”

The Holy Spirit: Who art everywhere and fillest all things

“Suddenly, a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting.” Acts 2:2 NIV The Spirit comes like a violent wind, that blows where it wills (John 3:8). But it also dwells in silent pauses that come to us amid the clamor of ourContinue reading “The Holy Spirit: Who art everywhere and fillest all things”

2nd & 3rd Week of Lent Session

Here is the rundown for our last two Lenten PraXis session for the March 16 and 23 held at Brookside UCC in Mendham and St Peter’s Episcopal in Morristown. Participants were asked to bring a blanket to place under the knees. These session involve a lot of kneeling postures. One needs to be aware ofContinue reading “2nd & 3rd Week of Lent Session”

Cornelius presents The Great Fast at the Living Interfaith Sanctuary

[Video of the presentation, and the full interfaith service below. My presentation starts at minute 33. There is also a lovely Ukrainian version of the Jesus Prayer at minute 27.] Hello PraXicisers! Join me online on Saturday, March 5, at 10 am Pacific, 1 pm EST as a speechify about my spiritual journey, Orthodox spirituallyContinue reading “Cornelius presents The Great Fast at the Living Interfaith Sanctuary”

Ash Wednesday and PraXis on 3/2/22

This Wednesday is Ash Wednesday for the West and marks the beginning of Great Lent. The ritual harkens back as far as the 9th Century and is popular among both Roman Catholics and increasingly among Protestants. The Catholic Courier states the spreading of ashes on one’s forehead is a ritualized theme found in the HebrewContinue reading “Ash Wednesday and PraXis on 3/2/22”

PraXis returns to Wednesday nights with two in-person locations

Good news for those in the Morristown, NJ area: Jamie and I ware holding PraXis sessions every Wednesday at 6:30 pm EST, from Feb 2nd till the end of July. Sessions will last one hour and include scripture, somatic (sanctified yoga), and silent prayer (Centering Prayer). I am also very excited to announce a newContinue reading “PraXis returns to Wednesday nights with two in-person locations”