Pastor Andru Morgan on Self-love, the “Divine Network” and Hope

Pastor Andru Morgan is the Theological Mentor for the PraXis program

Self-love, the “Divine Network” and Hope with Pastor Andru Morgan

Our Special Guest, Pastor Andru Morgan, spoke to us on the eve of Christmas Eve last year. He had a message to share from God on how to get through such a challenging year. How do you center yourself and place boundaries so that you do not let negativity in? 

Even though this recording is from last year, it seems like 2021 has not been all that different. We are not yet out of the darkness of this season. So, we thought we would share this discussion and Andru’s message of hope, self-love and how we plug into the divine network that lifts our spirits up through contemplation.

Pastor Morgan was raised in the Pentecostal community in Kansas City and Tulsa before moving to Portland. He is currently the head pastor at Parkrose United Methodist Church. Morgan is the theological mentor to Cornelius Swart for the PraXis project. We hope you find him as inspiring as we do.

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