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The average person need 20-40 minutes of daily exercise to reduce their rate of heart disease. Exercise makes us more resilient to anxiety, depression and other emotional and mental disorders

PraXis began as a theological field education project produced in cooperation with the Vancouver School of Theology at the University of British Columbia, BC, Canada.

We seek sponsoring parishes and parachurch organizations who wish to explore the idea of incorporating evidence-base wellness and Christian spiritual practices. PraXis is a conversation about approaching spiritual practice and our bodily health in an integrated way. Partners often just get inspired by the ideas and then chose to engage or work with us to design a program that meets the needs, and best embodies the spirit of their community. Some possibilities:

Partners often promote the program via email list, integration into sermons and announcements and other church outreach

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Published by Cornelius Swart

Master in Public and Pastoral Leadership Fitness and Wellness Coach in Training 200 RYT Yoga Instructor (former journalist)

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